As we all differ through the fingerprint of life, so also are our losses and the way we process a loss. Each and every loss experienced is different, and the way we move through each loss will also differ. We invite you here to courage, to discuss your loss, how you worked through it, what worked for you and what did not. While we will attempt to be as thorough as possible, however, we could not ever presume to have all the answers or insight, as grieving, and the tools we use to move through the grieving process will differ across cultures, across time, and across generations. Just as well, what works for one individual for one grieving scenario may not work for the next for that very same person, and so on. As life and loss change us, so too do we change in the way we approach it.

We invite you to share your story, the tools you used to navigate your grief, books you read, therapeutic modalities that were helpful, experiences that changed or inspired you, poetry and music, art of any and every kind.

Through community we heal, and in that healing may you return to your true self again, your joy.

We offer one to one Grief Coaching as a method to assist those through the grief process in a more graceful manner, thereby allowing for a gentle return back to the present, back to your life, back to the re-identification of the self.

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