How to Rebuild Hope After Loss

Summary: In this article, you’ll learn how to rebuild hope after loss. Topics include rebuilding hope after death, divorce, empty nest, a breakup, and infertility.


If a loss of any type has the capacity to be the most painful, horrible, darkness we could ever experience in a lifetime, why is it so that we must experience it? What does loss teach us? Loss can be so powerful, so profound, that if we truly surrender to the loss, our soul is transformed in a way that would not be possible without the presence of the loss.  Loss itself is present everywhere in life, inherent in the entropy and enthalpy all around us; the way old trees timber toward the earth, die, and absorb back into the forest floor to make way for new flora and fauna. Loss must occur to clear the space for what is to come next. As we fully surrender to the loss, we invite new opportunity, new ways of being, new ideas and new life itself.

It is through the transformative power of loss that we may become the greatest, most beautiful expression of who we are meant to be. A deep loss has the capacity to force the human psyche through a space-time wormhole to a completely new perspective. Loss forces us to completely re-evaluate every single aspect of our lives: who we “think” we are, who we know we are not, what we value and what we do not, how we live our lives, what “life” means to us, how we love, how we forgive,  and how we can be more present in our lives.

If one allows, loss has the capacity to completely dissolve the ego, and anything and everything the ego could possibly identify itself with. Loss creates space. It is within this beautiful space that our rebirth occurs, that we finally realize that we are whole and beautiful, just as we are, without the “loved one”. It is through the experience of loss that we come to understand that we need nothing outside of ourselves to be complete, to be the amazing human being we have always been and always will be.

Loss is the portal through which we become our greatest, highest “self”. The secret gift of loss is ourselves. The purpose of loss is the evolution of your very soul. It is from the seed of loss that your soul may flower.

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