While each loss is different and the way in which we grieve evolves across a lifetime, it may be helpful to engage different coping mechanisms if the current method one is using no longer works. The idea behind using various coping methods is to, at the very least, temporarily relieve the “symptoms” of grieving with the high goal of creating an internal paradigm shift surrounding the loss. It may be helpful to take notice of how much relief is experienced after new coping methods are used to determine whether a new method is effective. “Relief” itself may take on the form of being free of all negative thoughts of the loss for a few hours or a day, or the contrary, allowing the pain of the loss to fully set in, allowing the tears and sadness to come through and be released.

After utilizing a new coping method, one may feel “worse” temporarily, as unexpected emotions may bubble up. Compassion towards oneself is key. Allowing for all emotions, experiences, and/or mental thoughts to run their course from an absolute place of non-judgment during this time is critical for healing to occur. Also, while one method may not be helpful at one time during the grieving process, it may be of great benefit at another time. The opposite is also true. A coping method which was once highly effective may suddenly no longer work at all, and you will seek a new way.

Listed here are various coping methods one may use at different times. Some are very practical, others will require more effort and will ask that you “stretch” who you are as a person. For more information about one to one Grief Coaching, please email us at [email protected].

Take a retreat of your choosing                                   Journaling

Hire a Grief Coach                                                          Therapy

Join a Grieving Group                                                     Take a Vacation

Create a “Present Moment” practice                          Daily Spiritual Reading

Meditation                                                                       Yoga

Home Improvement Projects                                       Long walks

Time in Nature                                                                Photography

Sculpting w/different mediums                                   Writing poetry

Time Immersion activities                                           Camping/Glamping

Volunteer for a good cause                                        Take a Pottery Class

Attending a stand-up comedy show                         Tai Chi

Travel to a foreign country                                         Take a road trip

Pick up an old hobby/sport                                     Create a “new normal” routine

Attend church/spiritual gatherings                         Alpha-Stim Therapy

Visit an Indian Sweat Lodge                                    Gratitude Journal

Sound Healing Ceremony                                       Painting/Art Therapy

Try something completely new                              EMDR Therapy

Allowing joy again                                                    Hold an estate sale

Desensitization Training                                         Cook a beautiful meal

Learn to play a new instrument                            Have a garage sale

Spend time with friends/family                   Reconnect with an old friend

Hire a spiritual intuitive                                 Donate used goods to charity

Plan a fun day with children                                  Qigong

Schedule a “spa day”                                               Write a letter and burn it

30 Day No Complaining Rule                         Develop a new self-care routine

Schedule an “Akasuri” body scrub                Drumming/drum circles

Reset brain chemistry w/help of Psychotherapist

Pranic Healing Ceremony                                            Learn a new language

Take up boxing or a martial art that suits you

Offer to pet sit for friend/family                                  Adopt a pet

Offer to babysit for a friend/family member

Schedule a Float Tank Session

Create a collage of memories about the loss

Speak with Pastor/Priest/ or Rabbi/Spiritual Counselor